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Lets begin in the name of Allah

Lets begin in the name of Allah, the sublime beacon of wisdom, truth, and sincerity.

Then let us send peace and blessings upon the final messenger sent to save mankind.

We ask God (Allah) to grant us serenity, sweetness in our life, and sincerity in our actions.

This blog is on the topic of sincerity,

The phone kept ringing. “Aren't you going to answer that?”, Amaani asked her elder brother Ahmad. He replied, “I'm making my intention before I pick up.” She was puzzled because when her phone rang, or when someone came to the door she was always in a rush to find out who, but Ahmad was taking his time before his actions to think about them. He wanted to make sure that the right reasons were there before he picked up the phone. He made his niyaah (intention) in a few second out loud to teach his sister how and he said,“ dear God, if the person calling me needs help, I intend to help them, if they are a family member I intend to pursue filial piety, if they are a friend I intend to pursue brotherhood” and he answered.

Before we do anything, it is useful to think about why we are doing it by asking ourselves

What motivates us to do what we do? When we do things for too long, our mind sometimes tends to turn to auto-pilot and commits to actions with an absent heart. The key, is to do everything with a heart that is aware of Allah who loves it when our actions are done for the goodness of mankind through being sincere and truthful to one another. Even the smallest of actions with some presence of heart can equal mountains of good deeds in the next world. We should always be in preparation for the next world. Having a good intention helps us to see this world in a nicer way and that has something to do with the way that we treat others. When I intend for example to write a blog to please God then the benefits of this blog will shine through its readers who will be encouraged to do good for themselves, their families, and their community. I intend with this blog to encourage good action so that the world is in some way a better place.

It is preferable to have our intentions in the beginning of our actions but if we forget we can always renew our intentions in the middle and at the end of the action, but, all three is even more preferable. God is the light of the heavens and the Earth, the light that God has can be given to any of his creations and those who are given that light usually are those people who make good intentions before any of their actions and who see the best in others.

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